Peer tutorial demands grow in number at TLRC

The reinstituted Peer Tutorial Program of the Teaching and Learning Resource Center has enticed 22 tutees to avail of the peer-assisted learning services as of September 2019, when the cash incentive for peer tutors was launched in May. Based on logged-in requests, demand for such services continues to rise.

Under the modified Peer Tutorial Program, student tutees avail of free tutorial services rendered by their fellow students who are in turn paid per hour for their tutorial services. This set-up aims to encourage students to become tutors in order to create a more sustainable learning assistance program. An honorarium of Php 200  is given to peer tutors per session (1 ½ hours), for a two-session per week tutorial. The funds are being sourced out from generous alumni. Initially, the Alumni Association of Nevada donated a substantial amount to start up the program.

Tutors are given a short-term training and orientation on how to conduct tutorial sessions. A tutorial handbook that serves as a tutor’s manual is provided for every tutor.

To date, five (5) tutors who specialize in Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics have been given official appointment as peer tutors as of October 21, 2019.

Elizalde Miguel Flores, BS in Chemical Engineering 5th year shares his experience as he emphasizes on the importance of the “peer to peer learning” concept.

“As a tutor, my experience in peer-based teaching allowed me to explore different methods of teaching like introducing techniques in problem solving, making analogies to better explain the topic, and being systematic in terms of how the tutee should learn the lesson,” shares Elizalde.

He added, “It also made me feel that more than the incentive that we get, what matters most are the knowledge that I have imparted to my tutees and how I've made their learning experience easier in my own little way.”

With Elizalde are four more tutors, namely, Arianne Joy Batallones (BS in ChE, 5th year), Fritz Ortigas (BS in ChE, 5th year), Daphne Shawn Bernadas (BS in Statistics, 2nd year), and Jullenette Arteta (MS Fisheries - Fish Processing Technology).

Elizalde expressed his desire to continue to be a part of the program.

Given the limited funding for this program, TLRC hopes to solicit more donations to cater to tutorial needs of the students.

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