Annual orientation on UP policies is the ‘CFOS way of life.’

Annual orientation on UP policies is the ‘CFOS way of life.’

The annual orientation on  UP policies and guidelines is not for compliance for promotion but a way of life for the College, said Prof. Encarnacion Emilia S. Yap, dean, and professor of fisheries science of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS).

Yap, now on her second term as CFOS dean, said the yearly conduct of the orientation on UP’s procedures and policies, anti-sexual harassment and policies, and gender development program to all CFOS constituents “is a scheme for people to get acquainted repeatedly not for the sake of compliance measure for promotion. We feel that this is our way of life in the College.”

Since Yap took the lead of the flagship College of UP Visayas in November 2017, CFOS has been conducting yearly orientations, especially for new members of the academic staff, to ensure that they are acquainted with the policies, procedures, standards, and programs governing all UP constituents.

Last April 26, 2021, CFOS conducted this year’s orientation on gender development and as anti-sexual harassment policies of the University to the faculty members, REPS, staff, and students of the College via Zoom.

Asst. Prof. Moniq M. Muyargas, director of the UPV GDP office, talked about gender awareness and sensitivity. She highlighted the importance of gender and development mainstreaming and UPV’s mandate in gender and development programs to build an organizational environment conducive to promoting gender equality.

Meanwhile, Asst. Prof. Dr. Farisal U. Bagsit, the UPV Anti-Sexual Harassment Office (ASHO) coordinator, walked through the UP Anti-Sexual Harassment Code, the UPV ASHO, and Anti-Sexual Harassment Council. 

Last March 8, 2021, an online orientation on UP procedures, processes, and policies for the faculty members and REPS was held. It was sought to guide especially the new members of the academic staff in performing their duties and responsibilities.


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