UPV Division of Professional Education holds Phase 2 of Curriculum Revision Development (CuReD) Workshops

UPV Division of Professional Education holds Phase 2 of Curriculum Revision Development (CuReD) Workshops

Professors from the different divisions and departments of the University of Philippines Visayas gathered at the UPV Little Theatre from April 28 to 30, 2021, to conduct workshops concerning the efforts of the Division to shift from the current Master of Education (M. Ed.) to the Master of Arts in Education (MA. Ed.) program. 

The series of workshops commenced as the group revisited the status of the decision on the inclusion of each discipline for the proposed revision of the M. Ed. program into the MA. Ed. program from the results of previous discussions. They also analyzed data on the M. Ed. program’s enrolment and graduates for the last five or ten years, which led them to respond to the self-initiated survey on the existing resources of the program and the baseline data presented to justify the revision.  Each cluster composed a rationale on the proposed revision of the discipline using the baseline data and results of the said survey. 

The following day, the clusters opted to gather at the UPV offices or meet virtually to identify salient areas of changes in the curriculum design and content, such as adding or deleting a course, changing the title, credits, course descriptions, to name a few. As part of their tasks on that day, they listed the possible needs in the implementation process that included policies on admissions and retention, infrastructure support, faculty, learning resources, and many others. 

The cluster members returned to the venue for the plenary sessions and presentations of outputs on the last day. They related the first objective or process outcome to the OVPAA Curriculum Revision Guideline and Template.  They then presented their outputs as sequenced: Foundations of Education, Biology, English as a Second Language (ESL)/Reading, Filipino, Counselor Education, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Chemistry, and Health and Sports Education.


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