TLRC at 24: Together Moving Forward

TLRC at 24: Together Moving Forward

Maneuvering amidst the remote learning setup proved to be a challenge for all members of the academic community. But TLRC devoids itself from stagnancy. In celebration of its 24th year of conception, the unit dedicated itself to innovating to pursue its goal of enriching the teaching and learning experience by developing programs that educate and at the same time entertain despite the challenges posed by the online setup.

The TLRC 24th Anniversary Celebration held on April 19-21, 2021, consisted of multiple programs catered to members of the UPV Community.

Cause for Celebration

For TLRC, celebrating its 24th year of institutionalization meant upgrading. To address pressing needs in the context of remote learning, TLRC sought to equip its staff with the technical know-how on the use of the Learning Management System (LMS) of UPV for them to be able to assist students and faculty in using the site. As such, TRLC, in collaboration with the UPV LMS Team, conducted the Basic Administration and Operations Support Training on UPV LMS for TLRC Staff.

The anniversary celebration made its theme, “Together, Moving Forward,” the foundation for developing the anniversary programs. As it took steps towards remote learning, constant reassessment of “where they are at any given moment” is imperative. As such, the celebration provided a platform where students and faculty members can voice their concerns regarding LMS through the program TeLeSession Episode 1: Let’s Make it Simple, an Open Forum on LMS. This is just the first session in the line-up of remote teaching and learning programs of the TLRC following the LMS Orientation last February.

The re-launching of TLRC’s programs in support of remote learning, with the umbrella name D.I.WA.T.A. (Digital Initiatives, Workarounds, and Technical Assistance Programs; formerly named ViRAL), followed TeLeSession.

The program consists of presenting the UPV Community TeLeTAB, the official helpdesk assistant of TLRC, which is currently operational on Facebook; the i-Tutor, or the online equivalent of TLRC’s Peer Tutorial Program; the AWOLs (Access to Webinars and Other Learning Resources), a program that meant to direct students and faculty to available webinars and online learning resources; and ReBooth, where TLRC offers facilities for the live recording of lecture or report presentations.

Reach and Enrich

TLRC is consistent with its core function of being a learning space. It pushes for a collaborative and enriching learning experience through supplemental learning materials and interactive games as a learning space. With the absence of face-to-face interaction, TLRC adapted and innovated toward bringing activities to remote audiences.

The TLRC conducted TeLeTrivia, an online crossword puzzle game through Facebook, wherein students were asked to answer a few questions and reflect their answers on a crossword. Such activity was well-received as TLRC was able to gather participation from students across different year levels. 

TeLeQuest: Finding TeLeTAB was an online treasure hunt tournament groups of students participated in. The game utilized Zoom as an orientation venue, Facebook Messenger as a communication tool, and Google Drive served as the game environment. TeLeQuest was adopted from a game used by Department of Chemistry faculty member Mr. Christian Catalan, who had conducted a similar program for his students last semester to teach and review concepts in class in a fun and interactive way.

Furthermore, the TLRC offered a new way to participate in recreational activities through the program it facilitated, the TeLeBingo. Following the rules of a traditional Bingo game, TLRC stepped up and brought this classic game to life through online means. In these three activities, prizes were given to the winning participants.

Moving forward from the setbacks caused by COVID-19 and its challenges to teaching and learning prove difficult. That’s why, on top of celebrating milestones the office has achieved, it also seeks to reach out to those who are in need. Through its programs that aim to support, assist, and enrich teaching and learning despite the challenging hurdles of the “new normal,” TLRC remains persistent in its core values through exemplifying togetherness. Because, together, we move forward.

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