Expert Workshop on Adaptive Management of Fisheries in Response to Climate Change

Ms. Alexanra Bagarinao-Regalado, Research Associate at the OceanBio Lab of the CAS, presented the results of a study co-authored with Dr. Wilfredo L. Campos entitled “Impacts of Climate Change on the sardine fishery in the Philippines: challenges and options for adaptation” at the “Expert workshop on adaptive management of fisheries in response to climate change” held in Rome, Italy on November 12-14, 2019.

This study was among 10 case studies commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to showcase real examples highlighting the challenges and the effectiveness of different management approaches to address climate change. The output of the workshop included a set of good practices intended for policy makers and fishery managers that will be published in an FAO Technical Paper next year. Such output will also support their efforts in adapting  with the changes in fisheries that resulted from global warming.

The workshop included participants from several countries including Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Barbados, Uruguay, Vanuatu and the Marshall Islands. The study is also in line with the on-going research on sardine fisheries biology at the Oceanbio Lab, College of Arts & Sciences in UPV Miagao.

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