Sison earns spot as top CFOS graduate

Sison earns spot as top CFOS graduate

Keryll Bastien Sison is the top graduate of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS) after earning a weighted average grade (WAG) of 1.30967.  

Despite earning the highest academic honors at CFOS, Sison emphasized how the University taught him that “our academic endeavors trapped within the four walls of the classroom make a hollow individual.”  

“My growth as a student who had focused on my academics to one who sees greater importance in service is my greatest achievement here in UP,” Sison said.

His passion for public service was awakened and brought out the best in him during his college years, attributing the UP Fisheries Guild (UPFG), where he was affiliated with for three years, as the primary influencer. He was able to see firsthand during his freshman year how members of the UPFG were willing to set aside their academics and personal lives in pursuit of public service.

With the help of his mentors, he became an active member of the group and was eventually lodged to the highest position as UPFG President or the “Grand Neptune” during his senior year. Sison claimed that it was the biggest leadership role he held, spearheading UPFG which had nearly 20 activities under his leadership.  

Sison initially allocated at least 12 hours of his time studying, which dramatically went down to just two hours after taking part in public service initiatives spearheaded by UPFG for the University and fisherfolk of Miagao town. 

With each successive year, Sison realized the privilege of maximizing one’s time as a student compared to those in the workforce who are not afforded such privilege to be part of mobilizations and public service initiatives.

“Initially, I held the perception that being a student meant that we had little to no power over the different societal issues. Each successive year here in UP has made me realize how much time and privilege I have on my hands,” he said.

As to his immediate future, Sison plans on further exploring the potential aquaculture as an alternative livelihood for underserved fisherfolk by training across different inland and mariculture techniques in various institutions such as the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) and Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF). He is scheduled to start training in July 2024, fresh off graduating as the top honoree of UPV’s flagship college.


His training will kickstart his “overarching goal to make aquaculture more accessible for the masses,” he said.


He also plans on gathering enough experience and establishing at least one aquaculture facility. This will be followed by Sison continuing his academic pursuits by taking his master’s degree in Aquaculture abroad before becoming a professor.

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