Nique graduates with topmost honors at CFOS

Nique graduates with topmost honors at CFOS

Julie Ann Claire N. Nique earned the distinction of graduating at the top of CFOS Class of 2023 with the highest GWA of 1.2886, magna cum laude.

“Graduating with the highest GWA feels surreal. This is a milestone I never expected that I would reach. It is an achievement worth celebrating because it reflects the hard work I put in and the struggles I have overcome. This is also the result of the commitment of our professors and instructors who provided us the best quality education and equipped us with the skills for the future,” she says as a reaction to her feat.

She also credits the support of her family and friends for enabling her to reach what she has achieved.

When asked how UP has taught her to be a person of integrity, she replied, “…by working harder and better – to not take things for granted since not everything will be served to you on a silver platter. I learned how to become more responsible with what I do and firmly stand with every choice I make. As an Iskolar ng Bayan, I will continue to uphold honor and excellence.”

When asked about the toughest challenge she had in college, she replied, “I considered the pandemic the toughest that I encountered. The mode of learning was restricted and limited, which made it challenging to separate student life and life at home. I was able to overcome these challenges because of the support system that I have — my friends and classmates who never failed to offer their help, the instructors who taught us passionately and answered every inquiry diligently, and my family who showered me with unconditional love and support.”

On the reality that she is now leaving her alma mater, she said that she will miss the people who were part of her growth and academic achievements the most. She added that choosing BS in Fisheries as her degree program created fond memories for her.

“As someone living near the coastal area, I was able to appreciate the beauty and value of the different aquatic resources and their interconnected ecosystems. Their role in food security, the economy, and the well-being of the community and the country are highly important.”

After graduation, Nique said that she is giving herself a short break to think about her plans for the future. She is very interested in working on aquaculture research that addresses issues and problems faced by the fisheries sector.

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