UPVEC Advisory

 September 9, 2020

To our Valued Members and Cooperators,


The past 6 months had been very difficult and challenging times for our Cooperative. Your BOD has been struggling to maintain the operations of our Food Business ventures that included the cafeteria, bakery and grocery store despite all the constraints that we have faced in meeting the needs of our members - faculty and staff and even the students who were stranded in the dormitories. However, our efforts to maintain our operations during this period have significantly affected our financial status, primarily because we have to maintain the salaries, wages and benefits of our 17 personnel in the cafeteria, bakery and grocery store despite our very limited operations. An added concern facing our Cooperative now is the impending plan of the UPV Administration to rehabilitate the CUB. All these factors and the uncertain future that we are all faced with because of the COVID19 pandemic, necessitates that your BOD takes immediate appropriate actions.

It is in this regard that we regretfully inform you all that prepared food service will be until September 11, 2020 only, we are indefinitely closing and suspending the operations of our cafeteria and bakery as we had closed our grocery store earlier.

We are hoping for your understanding and continued support. We will keep you informed and updated on our future actions. If you have suggestions, we would gratefully welcome them. Be assured that our every action will be in the best interest of our members. Thank you and be safe

In the interest of the Cooperative,



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