Continuous Operational and Outcomes-based Partnership for Excellence in Research and Academic Training Enhancement (COOPERATE)

The COOPERATE grant aims to promote the development of research and creative human resources of the University through research cooperation and academic training with international partner universities.

It aspires to increase the number of students who can successfully finish their degrees (Master's/Doctoral) on time through co-advisership with experts in international partner universities and active research cooperation. The qualified graduate student and research adviser will be provided funding to cover travel, accommodation, and living expenses.

Mobility For Vigor and Excellence – University of the Philippines (MOVE-UP Program)

The Mobility for Vigor and Excellence – University of the Philippines (MOVE-UP) Program aims to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to take courses, conduct thesis work, and attend degree-related training at international higher education institutions, especially holders of bilateral and academic network partnerships with UP.

Research/Creative Work Presentation in International Conferences (Travel Grant)

The Travel Grant Program provides financial assistance to qualified UP graduate and postgraduate students who aim to present their papers (research or creative work) at international colloquiums and conferences.

The grant shall provide financial assistance amounting to Php 40,000 for countries in Asia (excluding South Asia and Pacific Islands) and Php 80,000 for Europe/USA/Russia/India/Africa/Middle East/Australia/New Zealand.

World Expert Lecture Series (WELS)

The World Experts Lecture Series (WELS) grant provides financial support to qualified UP faculty, REPS, or staff to host eminent world leaders and artists. The special lectures or performances by the invited world experts will expose and inspire students, faculty, and staff and support the internationalization goals of UP.

UP System Supported CU Hosting of International Conferences (Hosting)

The Hosting grant provides financial support for hosting international conferences and workshops. A maximum grant of ₱200,000.00 is provided to the successful UP CU to host an event.