International Student Admission

I. Admission of Foreign and Filipino High School Graduates from Abroad

A foreign applicant who graduated from a high school abroad and has not enrolled in college may be admitted to the freshman class by automatic admission without taking the UPCA, if s/he meets the following requirements:

  1. Completion of a high school program in the country where s/he had secondary education (including the completion of a one or two-year pre-university education in a country where such is a prerequisite for admission to a bachelor's degree program);

  2. Qualifying in a college-qualifying national or international foreign-administered examination such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), OR the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination, OR the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).

II. Admission of Transfer Applicants from Foreign Countries

A foreign student with credits for college-level work should meet the University requirements for transfer students:

  1. must have obtained an average grade of 2.0, 86%, or B, or better, for all the collegiate academic units he has earned outside of this University; some programs required a higher weighted average than that prescribed above. For second degree applicants, the grade requirement is generally waived for a bachelor’s degree holder, but not for those who have earned a title below a baccalaureate degree (e.g., Certificate);

  2. must have completed at least 33 units of academic courses;

  3. will have to complete in this university no less than 50% of the units required for his program, 75% if running for honors; and,

  4. quota set by the Dean of the college or school concerned for the course to which he seeks admission, has not yet been filled up.

The University accepts transferees every first semester of the academic year.

If the applicant is transferring from another Philippine School, he should secure a permit to transfer from the Commission on Higher Education.

Advanced Credits

An admitted transfer student must validate all the courses he is offering for advanced credits at the rate of at least 18 units a semester within a period not exceeding three semesters from the date of his admission. His admission will be on a probation basis until such time as he shall validated or repeated in accordance with this rule on validation of courses, all the subjects taken outside UP which are required for his program. The student will not be allowed to enroll in a subject or subjects the prerequisite of which, taken elsewhere, have not yet been validated or repeated in this University.