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Issuance of Travel Order of Local Officials Trips

                                                 Service Standards and Flowcharts

Schedule:                            Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00 (no noon break)

Clients/Customers:            Faculty and REPS/Deans and Vice Chancellors

Requirements:                    Request for Issuance of Travel Order Form 

Processing Time:               1 hour, 40 minutes. Assumption: All responsible signatories/official are available.

Issuance Target :                Faculty and REPS travel of more than 8 calendar days Deans and Vice Chancellors-travel of not more than 7 days. 


Step Customer/ApplicantService ProviderDuration of Activity Fee(s)Person(s) Responsible Forms 

Submits request 

Receives and record request5 minutes NAOVCAA StaffRequest for issuance of Travel Order 
Checks completeness of documents and correctness of entries 10 minutes NAOVCAA Staff Request for issuance of Travel Order 
Acts on the request for issuance of Travel Order10 minutes NAOVCAARequest of Issuance of Travel Order 


Prepares Travel Once approved 
10 minutes NAOVCAA Staff Travel Order 
Sign Travel Order once approved 5 minutesNA OVCAATravel Order 
6.Receives Travel OrderReleases Travel Order once approved1 hour NA OVCAA StaffTravel Order

                                                                                END OF TRANSACTION