Teaching and Learning Resource Center

  • Nurture the passion for learning among students.
  • Enrich the learning environment of students.
  • Provide skills enhancement programs in teaching among faculty members.
  • Excellence
  • Nurturance
  • Service
  1. Organizational functions:
    • To supplement, complement, and coordinate existing learning assistance programs; and
    • To ensure that the goal of promoting academic excellence will be realized in a more caring and nurturing environment.
  2. Strategic functions:
    • To implement the Summer Bridge Program for selected incoming freshmen students.
  3. Core functions:
    • To provide students with learning assistance through tutorials, learning modules, and other instructional materials;
    • To provide students computer and internet access, venue for class presentations and film showings;
    • To provide students venues for study, recreation, and camaraderie or fellowship; and
    • To assist in enhancing teaching competence through training in collaboration with other academic units of the university.
  4. Support functions:
    • To serve as a support facility to university – wide activities.