National Service Training Program

  • Enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism.
  • Develop the ethics of service, nationalism, and altruism through pro-active community involvement, especially in fishing communities that are vulnerable and marginalized
  • Produce National Service reservists ready to respond to incidents related to climate change and natural disasters
  • To instill and reinforce the concepts of nationalism, humanism, and environmental responsibility in the youth for local and national development
  • To prepare college students for possible service in the Philippine Army in the event of emergency;
  • To train college students to become reservists of the Philippine Army; and
  • To train college students to become potential officers for possible commission in the Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • To teach (CHED-approved) common module to all NSTP students and component modules for respective NSTP components, including any required training courses
  • Review and upgrade all syllabi and modules
  • Update and submit regular and special reports related to planning, development and finance
  • Attendance to relevant symposia and conferences for updating on syllabi and other NSTP – related concerns
  • To provide a pool of Army and National Service reservists
  • To support UPV administration and nearby communities in terms of disaster preparation, response and management
  • To evaluate and implements climate change - and disaster response – related modules suggested by related government agencies