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CFOS-IA faculty member to attend EURASTiP training in France

Ms. Mary Grace Sedanza, faculty member of the Institute of Aquaculture (IA), College of Fisheries in Ocean Sciences (CFOS), UP Visayas will be participating in the EURASTiP Capacity Building Foresight Workshop on August 25, 2018, to be held in Aqua2018, Montpellier, France.

Sedanza is one of the CFOS's coordinator for external linkages.

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UP Alumni in Iloilo to reunite with their academic organizations

The University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) will celebrate its annual “U.P. Alumni & Faculty Homecoming” this August 23-26, 2018. The four-day event will feature fun and memorable activities such as alumni sports events, homecoming fair, film shows, fora and a gathering of the alumni with their respective academic groups.

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CFOS graduate students to attend training in Japan

(L-R): Saromines, Intoy; (Back): Leyson

Four graduate students of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS), UP Visayas will travel to Japan to participate in research training from August 16 - September 27, 2018 at Kagoshima University (KU).

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1,137 first-year students enter UP Visayas

Because of the K-12 program, UP Visayas, along with the tertiary institutions in the country, had no first-year student admissions for the past two years. This year, the first product of the K-12 program had entered college. On August 6, 2018, UP Visayas held its first Opening Exercises after two years, to welcome first-year students into the folds of the university.

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