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New fish species named after UPV-CFOS’s museum staff

(L) Ostichthys alamai from Iloilo, Philippines; (R) Mr. Ulysses B. Alama
(Photo source: https://reefbuilders.com/2018/03/13/ostichthys-alamai-a-new-species-of-bony-soldierfish-from-japan/)

Over the course of history, many scientists named newly discovered species or organisms they come across after famous people they admire - from athletes, celebrities to political leaders or even fictional characters for various reasons. Some named them after the places where they are found or their morphological characteristics.

Mr. Ulysses B. Alama, an administrative staff of the Museum of Natural Sciences (MNS), College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS), UP Visayas (UPV), is forever immortalized in taxonomy, the branch of science concerned with classification of organisms, after Japanese scientists named the fish, of the genus Ostichthys, after him.

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Teens in a Techy World

In a time when teens treat technology as a regular part of their daily lives, just as integrated as any other tool, the UPV Summer Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), now on its fifth year, introduced Teens in a Techy World. The program is a means of recognizing the essence technology, utilizing gadgets positively, and helping out teens become responsible online citizens.

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UP Visayas moves to strengthen its international linkages

A two-day planning workshop on April 12-13, 2018 started UP Visayas’ move to strengthen its international linkages. Dr. Gil Jacinto, Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Director of the UP System Office of International linkages, was the resource person.

In a nutshell, the event highlighted the need for UPV to strengthen and increase its partnerships with foreign institutions. It adopted the UP System Mission, Vision, and Policy Statement for Internationalization.

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