Mollusk matters

Researchers from the academe, the fisheries sector, and government agencies gathered at UP Visayas this January to identify research and commercialization initiatives for mollusks. The end in mind is to come up with capsule research proposals and collaborations that would put mollusks as a staple food and as s significant source of income for the fisheries sector.

“Opportunities abound in UP Visayas to promote its mandate that can support a key sector of society – the fisheries and residents of coastal communities,” said Chancellor Ricardo Babaran during his opening remarks. “We need to find operational blue print for harnessing resources within and outside of the University in order to contribute to national development,” he added.

“Why mollusks? Because they are a source of food and income,” says Dr. Annabelle G. C. del Norte-Campos, a foremost researcher in the field who talked on the “State of Research, Development, and Utilization of Mollusks in the Philippines: A Focus on Western Visayas.”

Before the participants divided into cluster groups to identify research areas and commercialization possibilities, Dr. Victor Marco Emmanuel Ferriols led them in the mechanics of SWOT analysis. Ferriols is a faculty member of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

In addition, Dr. Concepcion Ponce, discussed how to set research goals and further talked about how mollusks can be commercialized. She also showed the participants how to craft a research proposal. Ponce is the lead organizer of the event.

The event was able to generate various capsule proposals on mussels.

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