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Educ 291 M.Ed. students roll out public service as Finals output

Master of Education graduate students ran a free seminar for public and private school teachers as a public service in lieu of final exams at the GCEB Audio Visual Room, UP Visayas Iloilo City on September 1, 2018.

The said public service was rolled out under the supervision of Educ 291 course instructor Professor Anna Liza Barcelona.

Educ 291 being “A Reading Course in Education”, the M.Ed. graduate students and their professor agreed to demonstrate knowledge integration from the course readings through conducting a free seminar entitled “Muklat: Recognizing the Educational Panopticon.”

The 10 M.Ed. graduate students enrolled in the class each invited three or four public and private school teachers as participants in the free seminar which tackled how to cope with educational surveillance.

“Educational surveillance may come in the form of Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) requirements, Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR), or Daily Lesson Log (DLL) among others,” Abegail Bayona said.

Another student Glen Dave Horbino added: “While we cannot escape the educational panopticon, we can adapt once we recognize what it is and what it is doing to us.”

The goal of the public service is to raise awareness among the participants about what the educational panopticon is, how educational surveillance happens, and what it looks like in everyday circumstances.

The participants were asked to draw how they would cope with educational surveillance following their attendance to the seminar.

The 10 M.Ed. graduate students who organized the free seminar and served as speakers and facilitators were Abegail Bayona, Albert Amor Jr., Glen Dave Horbino, Genevieve Serilo, Eunice Marie Serilo, Milorenze Joting, Ivy Justiniani, Meryl Panuncio, Rio Castanares, and Mayflor Tacardon.

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