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Pama addresses 1st batch of UPHSI Senior High School graduates

Mr. Artemio “Junie” P. Pama, Jr., UP High Scool in Iloilo (UPHSI) alumnus, addressed the first batch of senior high school graduates of the UPHSI on June 7, 2018 at the UPV Auditorium, Iloilo City. RB Jann Ganon Jamindang was named Class Valedictorian for this pioneer batch of graduates.

Pama congratulated the class of 2018, all 100 of them who filled the auditorium with their beaming teachers, parents, guardians, and friends. ”You are now entering another chapter of your lives. Getting into this new phase is where you will encounter a lot of challenges. However, when you are armed with a burning passion, infinite perseverance and flexibility, I have no doubt in mind that you will make it! Later on you will also realize that “the more you bleed in class, the less you sweat in life.”

He shared stories about survival, courage, and inspiration. “After graduation, I continued to encounter frustrations, failures, and disappointments. Despite numerous roadblocks thrown my way, I persisted because I could hear my father’s voice reminding me - the more you bleed in class, the less you sweat in life…”

“Education will ultimately level the playing field regardless of class or economic strata you are coming from, regardless of physical prowess and make up. If you have the right education you can achieve those dreams you aspire for,” a lesson he learned from his parents.

He emphasized about following one’s gut-feel. “Despite the odds, I persevered. Short of cash, sometimes I had to skip lunch, walking instead of riding the jeep to save. One day, I received a notice from a pharmaceutical company advising me to come in, to take tests, and series of interviews. On the day before my final interview, I went to the toilet, faced the mirror and told myself - Junie, this is it. These other interviewees are no better than you. You can do it! Oozing with confidence, I made it. I didn't only pass the interview, but topped the rigorous two months training.”

He underscored about how he reengineered himself to defy the coming odds. “Complacency is unacceptable. If you are becoming irrelevant, you have to re-engineer yourself. You have to continuously educate or train yourself to be able to cope up with the fast changing world. That’s the only way you can differentiate yourself in a very competitive market place.”

Finally, he reminded about paying it forward through the iAmUPHi, an organization that proposes to help UP High School through donations and assist in its infrastructure and planned developments. “iAmUPHi, started with a simple coffee one afternoon with my friend Noel Litan of iAmUPHi, Batch 77. We agreed to organize a team of alumni who are movers and shakers in their own respective fields. Coming from various batches, this 15 alumni agreed to bond together, contribute their personal resources and time to set up the organization. We in iAmUPHi, believe that UP education is a precious gift and a privilege given to a chosen few. Many of its recipients have received it and have their lives transformed. However, we seemed to have forgotten that subsidized education means that the Filipino people have paid for your education and the reason for you to achieve whatever heights in. While there is no covenant that binds you to the social contract, it is but proper that you do not forget your humble beginnings and give back to the institution and society as well.”

He capped his message by saying that “life is all about pursuing your passion, you have to persevere to achieve your dreams, and flexible enough to face the challenges. More than anything else, do not forget to give back to God, your family, your friends, your community, and the institution who was responsible for what you have become. Graduates, you need to make a difference.”

The ceremony was also attended by Chancellor Ricardo P. Babaran, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Gay Defiesta, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Martin Genodepa, Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Rolly Fuentes, College of Arts Sciences Dean Prof. Nera Katalbas, UPHSI Principal Dr. Lourdes Zamora, Members of the Faculty, and staff of UPHSI.

Pama is a Senior Executive and Strategist who led Major Organizations and Multinationals Companies in the Philippines' Telecommunication, Information and Communication Technology, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors. He is currently Managing Partner of Niometrics Philippines, Inc. a Big Data / Network Analytics Company. He is also the Managing Director of Safesoft Philippine, Inc. (SSPI), An I.T. Telecoms Consulting Company. He is also the current President of the iAmUPHi Foundation.

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