OSA trains peer facilitators

Organizers, Facilitators and Participants of the UPV Peer Facilitators Training 2018

The Guidance and Counseling Services Unit of the Office of Student Affairs successfully held a two-day Peer Facilitators Training on February 8-9, 2018 at the UPV Miagao campus.

The daytime activities were held at the Audio-Visual Room of the Interactive Learning Program of the Teaching and Learning Resource Center, College of Arts and Sciences. Team Building Activities and Fellowship was held on the evening of February 8 at the Function Room of the UPV Executive House.

There were twenty-seven (27) new peer facilitators and twenty (20) continuing peer facilitators who participated in the training. The participants are from the UPHSI and the different dormitories of the Miagao and Iloilo City campuses.

The UPV Peer Facilitators Program is one of the support services being offered by the Guidance and Counseling Services Unit of the Office of Student Affairs in UPV. It is a program where volunteer trained student peer facilitators work hand in hand with the Guidance Services Specialists as they assist in their fellow students’ emotional and mental wellness. They as well assist and provide support for the development of each other’s personal growth and skills.

The program empowers the students academically, socially, and psychologically; thus, enhancing their positive values and good attributes. Their potentials were also harnessed thereby developing their commitment to service, maintaining a positive sense of self, and in promoting a healthy relationship with others.

Through the Peer Facilitators Training, which was held annually, volunteer peer facilitators are being equipped with the essential knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skills that empower them to practice informed and responsible behavior in handling matters that affect them.

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