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Teachers’ Day highlights teachers’ excellence

“My teacher, my hero” is perhaps one of the clichés heard during the first week of October as the world celebrates the end of Teachers’ Month. Despite the repetition, the saying still stands true. Being a teacher in one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines brings about pressure, too.

Amidst the stress and the level of academic excellence, teachers also undergo many frustrations in reaching the high standards of excellence that is expected from a faculty of the national university. As such, a celebration like Teachers’ Day is a glorious moment to show appreciation to teachers who consistently hone students to think critically and inspire them to reach the zenith of their potential.

As the Teachers’ Day reach its end on October 5, the UPV Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC), along with its partner organization, UP Hamili Brotherhood and UP Hamilia Sisterhood, celebrated the first week of October with set of activities aimed to show appreciation for teachers on October 2-5, 2017. The highlight of the four-day event was the awarding of Module Grant to teachers who continuously support academic reforms in the university. The awarding happened on the last day, October 5.

Among the faculty members who were granted the Php 80,000 budget for the writing of instructional modules were Prof. Susan Mila Alvarez-Tosalem, Ms. Katherine T. Valencia, and Ms. Rhoda Mae G. Corda for their module entitled "Technical and Professional Communication", Prof. Cristabel Rose Parcon and Prof. Ma. Elisa D. Baliao for “Understanding Culture, Society and Politics”, Dr. Aurora Fe C. Bautista for “Psycho-Philosophical Foundations of Education" and "Writing a Course Module", Prof. Early Sol Gadong for "Intermediate Algebra", and Prof. Victor M. Romero II for "Fundamentals of Programming I”. The Module Writing Grant is one of TLRC’s major programs for teachers and is funded by the API.

Aside from the awarding of the module writing grant, several events also made up the four-day celebration. The TLRC was donned with decoration and two wide panel boards showcasing artworks from students expressing their appreciation to their teachers, the Teachers’ Day Exhibit. Added to this is a photo booth where students had a photo taken with their beloved teachers.

The Teachers’ Day Exhibit also featured a freedom wall where students posted messages for their teachers.

On Wednesday, October 4, several teachers and staff enjoyed having their nails done with the free manicure and pedicure courtesy of UPV TLRC for the Teachers’ Pampering day.

The last day of the four-day event set off a bang as the TLRC and the Suons of UP Hamili Brotherhood and UP Hamilia Sisterhood went from room-to-room of the different colleges of the university to give out cupcakes, folding fans, and heart-shaped balloons to the teachers of the university.

The TLRC also launched its Kindle eBook Readers purchased from Amazon in the afternoon as a supplemental tool to reference materials for teachers’ and students’ use. Twenty three Kindles are now available for borrowing at the TLRC office for students to read. These are books on different subject areas such as law, technology and engineering, journalism, and on self-help. Now, students, faculty, and staff can enjoy a library at their fingertips.

Contributors to the Teachers’ Day Exhibit were also awarded certificates for their invaluable support to the success of the event.

Surely, the cliché, “my teacher, my hero,” can be said in many different ways, and for the TLRC and UP Hamili and UP Hamilia, it was put into many different surprises, and it was still as profound. (Yan Esquivel, UPV-TLRC)

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