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Bustillo is UPV’s Class 2017 Valedictorian

With the highest GWA of 1.274 among his peers, Clyde Jason A. Bustillo, a BS in Accountancy major from the College of Management, is the Valedictorian of the UP Visayas Class of 2017.

The magna cum laude also graduated Class Valedictorian in high school from the Mindanao State University – General Santos City where he received the University Gold Medal for Academic Excellence and the Mercury Gold Medal for Excellence in Science.

“My UP education was like a door that opened thousands of possibilities. It may not be absolutely complete but to me it was holistic and integral. Before UP, I thought that education is all about studying the concepts introduced by our mentors and things learned from textbooks. But after being in the University for five years, I have also realized that the things we experienced outside the classrooms are also equally important. Our education does not stop after the final exams when we receive our hard-earned grades. It concludes when we relate and use what we have learned in our daily lives and, hopefully, aspire to improve the welfare of the people around us.” This was his response when asked what his UP education meant to him.

He also added that he considers his UP education not just a personal training to improve his competence but that it is also a very important tool for social change.

“By being an Iskolar ng Bayan, we have accepted the responsibility of offering our skills and capabilities for the betterment of the Filipino nation,” he further said.

Apart from academic endeavors, Bustillo’s college life was also marked by active participation in several non-academic activities such as involvement in the UPV - Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants and UPV FINEX Team, Business Leaders’ Summit, INVESTOCKS Professionals, UPV Capital Market Investors’ Guild, and UPV College of Management Research.

Reflecting on his academic achievements, he credits his passion for learning to his confidence in being capable of learning everything and having the humility to accept that there are still a lot of things he can learn from this life.

“If one is passionate in his or her studies, the energy or drive will be there. Oftentimes, I have used forced enthusiasm when I study. I strive on looking for some exciting things about a particular subject so I’ll have the excitement in studying for it,” he explained.

Lastly, Bustillo shared the kind of teacher that inspired him to have a thirst for learning and not just work for grades.

“For me, a good teacher not only transfers knowledge, but also passes on to the students his or her passion for the subject. Fortunately, I have met a lot of teachers in UP whom I considered passionate in their respective fields. While discussing the lessons, I have felt their love for the subject and that inspired me as well, not just in mastering the concepts taught to us, but in having a meaningful appreciation and respect for the subject itself. With this in mind, I gained an enthusiasm in applying what I have learned inside the classroom to the different aspects of human life.

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