Caimbre ranks 1st in UPV Tacloban College

Written by Ms. Anna Razel L. Ramirez on .

Kimberly D. Caimbre will lead her batch as she receives her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, magna cum laude, at UPV Tacloban College. Kimberly garnered a Grade Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.400.

Kimberly hails from Brgy. Hinulogan, Dagami, Leyte. She graduated Salutatorian from St. Joseph High School of Dagami, Inc. in Dagami, Leyte in 2013. She is a student leader, having been one of the organizers of the 5th Biennial Eastern Visayas Political Science Conference held in Villa Amor Function Hall, Tacloban (2017) and was elected as the Public Relations Officer (2016-2017) of UP Politikons, an academic organization in the Univeristy of the Philippines.

When asked about what her UP Education meant to her, she has this to say: “My UP education represents my greatest academic achievement. This says a lot. I have always defined myself in terms of my performance in school. Clearly, this helps nurse my self-esteem. It’s also a gift to my parents. It fills them with pride … More than that though is the awareness that coupled with UP education is the responsibility to lead, influence, or motivate people into action within the context of increasing security challenges, political instability, exacerbating environmental concerns, and the felt impacts of globalization towards the betterment of the country. Having a UP education calls us to be the drivers of inclusive change and to be the champion of the masse; with the recognition that we need the help of all sectors, as we pursue this endeavor. UP education is thus an achievement, a tool, a responsibility, and a bridge to the people.”

She continued that “UP opened my mind to a lot of things. What I consider to be the most important lesson to aid me both in my future career and in life is to always serve the people. UP commits itself in upholding honor and excellence and I believe that the clearest manifestation of these principles should be found in striving and working for the common good…In my future line of work, I’ll choose to put the welfare of the masses above my own. This may entail hardships along the way but I stand firm in my belief that the communitarian spirit is existent, strong, and must be encouraged.”

She advises incoming students of UP to “join organizations, not to procrastinate, and ask questions. Entering organizations can help members grow by creating and strengthening social networks and by enhancing their skills through the various activities they conduct. On top of all that, it is simply fun and gratifying to feel included. Second, staying in UP definitely requires working hard… It is still best to work on assignments without having to race against time and to be rewarded with a decent amount of sleep at the end of the day. Lastly, I strongly suggest to any UP student to make queries regardless of how nonsensical it may sound in class discussions. We learn and expand the boundaries of the topic by forwarding questions. Questions help generate ideas. And ideas are what we need to study the world and, hopefully, to make it better or at least livable.”