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Tansinco leads the CAS graduates

“Taking into account the things I have encountered before college, I realize that I have lived a monochromatic life in high school. Entering UP has added more colors to the spectrum because of the wide range of people that I have met. Each one has different characteristics, preferences, and opinions. UP has taught me to respect these differences. Just because someone has a different view on a national issue doesn’t automatically mean that he is wrong. Just because someone supports the politician that I criticize doesn’t give me the right to mock. Instead, UP has taught me to engage in intellectual discussions.”

Ma. Alyssa Joyce I. Tansinco, the top graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), has truly embraced and understood the kind of education that UP is giving to its graduates. This was her response when asked what life lesson has UP taught her.

The BS Statistics major also said that such a life lesson “will be useful in the future because it is an advantage in the workplace if the employee can work well with other people. Working with people means having to maintain good relationships and maintaining relationships means having to respect differences.”

Tansinco earned the highest GWA of 1.408, magna cum laude, in the entire CAS. She is a graduate of the Regional Science High School for Region VI, Kalibo and the Kalibo Pilot Elementary School from which she graduated with honors.

As a student statistician, she put her knowledge to good use by conducting a data cleaning and data analysis on the Census of Population data for RegionVI and made summary reports and graphs of POPCEN data using Microsoft Word andExcel.

She was also active in the UPV Statistical Society student organization where she served in several officiating capacities and likewise participated in its various activities such as assisting the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) in conducting the Regional Statistical Quiz Bees and assisted different sponsoring organizations in tabulations fordifferent events and competitions in theuniversity

From one who graduates with high honors, Tansinco said that her best memories as a student in UP were the times when she allowed herself to get distracted.

“Distractions are welcomed particularly when studying becomes so mentally draining and tedious. My best memories are the times when I ate out with my classmates after a difficult exam, when we filled each other’s phones with our crazy and wacky selfies, when I had fun and got drunkin parties with my friends, and when I engaged in extracurricular activities and served my student organizations. The moments I shared with all of them are unforgettable because they made schoolwork and living away with family more bearable,” she elaborated.

As for worst memories, she has this to say: “My worst memories include breakdowns from too much stress and too little sleep. I remember one time when I spent two hours just crying because I wasn’t able to handle everything life was throwing at me at that time. I am thankful to that one person who brought me ice cream and made me feel better. Ice cream somehow manages to fix everything.”

Concluding a chapter in her life as a college student, Tansinco has these words of wisdom for incoming first year studentsin making the most out of their UP education and experiences.

“Prioritize education but don’t miss out on all the fun life offers outside the boundaries of your academics. While it is necessary that you pass your subjects and graduate on time, it is also important that you keep yourself happy. Also, there are certain things and life lessons the teachers and the books can’t teach you. Study, get as much sleep as you can, eat healthy, and have fun.”

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