TUKLAD Trail Run at UPV Miagao

“For an event like TUKLAD, the UPV Miagao campus is truly an ideal place to conduct such an event. We are sitting on a 1,200 hectare land area, a huge portion of which is made up of forested slopes and hills. The 6K and 12K categories you will explore today is just a fraction of this huge campus. There are more hills, rivers and forests waiting to be explored,” says UP Visayas Vice-Chancellor for Administration, Prof. Raul Olaguer, during his welcome remarks (a he speaks in Filipino) for TUKLAD.

TUKLAD is a trail run organized by Pretty Farm Boys (running group) in partnership with the Miagao LGU, the UP Alumni Association – Iloilo Chapter and UPV which was held on April 30, 2017 inside UPV’s scenic Miagao campus.

Speaking on behalf of UPV Chancellor Rommel Espinosa, VCA Olaguer also said that UPV is glad to have been chosen as the venue for what many believed was the 1st organized trail run in the Province of Iloilo.

Miagao Mayor Macario Napulan likewise welcomed the guests and participants. A medical doctor by profession, the Mayor himself is a health enthusiast and expressed his enthusiasm that the town of Miagao hosted the event.

About 200 runners showed up. With a 6K category meant for newbies in trail running (including Mayor Napulan) and the moderately challenging 12K for the more seasoned runners, the race took off and finished at the grounds of UPV’s Administration Building. The route included a view of the beach front property of the campus overlooking Panay Gulf, a climb up the zigzaging133 steps from the beach, undulating steep uphill and downhill roads, a long flight of very steep stairs leading to hills, mini forests, creeks and grasslands.

The winners for the 6K Female Category are: Lorena Demontaño, champion; RonielaSigre,1st runner-up; and Mariejol Dureza, 2nd runner-up. The winners for the 6K Male Category are: Rene John Ello, champion; Teddy Sobremisana,1st runner-up; and Icey Molavin, 2nd runner-up.

The winners for the 12K Female Category are: Abigail Odelmo, champion; Charrie Gacho,1st place; and Ednelyn Lopez, 2nd place. The winners for the 12K Male Category are: Dedmark Galapin, champion; John Ray Onifa, 1st place; and Arnold Nacionales, 2nd place.

UPAA-Iloilo President Rosendo Caesar “TRES” Arandela III, expressed his thanks to the participants for joining TUKLAD. He likewise thanked his fellow organizers, the Miagao LGU and the UPV administration for making the event possible. He added that he is looking forward to the next TUKLAD.

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