UPV GPO | Frequently Asked Questions

Leave of Absence and Maximum Residency Rule


        A leave of absence should be requested in a written petition to the Dean of the college/school concerned. The petition should state the reason for which the leave is desired and should specify the period of the leave. The leave should not exceed one year but may be renewed for at most another year. When not taken in two successive years, the aggregate leave of absence should not exceed two years.
        A student who needs to go on leave of absence beyond the allowable period of two years should be advised to apply for an honorable dismissal without prejudice to readmission.
        A student who withdraws from a college without formal leave of absence shall have his registration privilege curtailed or entirely withdrawn.    
        Any leave period of a graduate student is accounted for as part of his/her residence in the program pursued.  To graduate within the allowed residence period of their respective programs, the total leave time of any student should not exceed two academic years.


Master's Program
            Students are given 5 academic years to fulfill all requirements for a master's degree, otherwise he shall not be allowed to register further in that college.  The reckoning of this 5-year maximum period starts from the time of the first enrollment to the program and includes all leave periods.  However, graduate students who fail to abide by the 5-year rule may request for a waiver of the MRR to the Chancellor (or Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs).  In meritorious cases, a maximum of two years extension may be given for thesis students but is and one year for non-thesis students.  Subject to evaluation, the extension for thesis students maybe granted one year at a time.

Doctoral Program
        All requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed within 6 years from initial enrollment in the program.  An extension may only be allowed in highly meritorious cases, but in no case shall the extension be longer than 2 years. Subject to evaluation, the extension for thesis students maybe granted one year at a time.