UPV GPO | Frequently Asked Questions

Housing and Health Services

Housing Services

        Balay Ilonggo in the Iloilo City Campus houses the graduate students as well as faculty, UPV personnel and guests of the University.   The Graduate Hall or Balay Apitong accommodates graduate students, undergraduate thesis writers and guests. These dormitory residents pay a lodging fee.  Transients, who may be accommodated based on availability of rooms, are charged a transient lodging fee. Rates are subject to increase as approved by proper authority.  Group dynamics, sports, cultural activities, as well as board games held in coordination with the guidance specialists and student groups facilitate socialization and prevent boredom. These also provide the ambiance of “home away from home” and make the dormitories an essential venue for student education and development outside of the classroom.

        The House Council in residence hall serves as the bridge between the residents and the management and assist the residence head in planning enrichment activities and formulating house rules and regulations.

Health Services

        The Health Services Unit (HSU) of the University is a primary health care unit that caters to UPV constituents.
        In the Iloilo City campus, one full-time doctor, one full-time dentist, one full-time nurse, one dental aide, and a nursing aide manage the clinic.
        In the Miag-ao campus, the HSU or the Infirmary which started its operation in June 1990, is equipped with modern dental and medical equipment. It has a 15-bed capacity with a male and female wards, two isolation/private rooms, laboratory and x-ray facilities, and an ambulance. Its staff composed of three full-time doctors, one reliever doctor, one full-time dentist, three full-time nurses, two reliever nurses, one full-time medical technologist, an x-ray technician, three administrative aides, one
dental aide, and a driver.
        The HSU in UPV Miag-ao campus now operates on a 24 hours, seven days a week basis. It continues to be open to non-UP patients between 8:am and 5:00pm.  Patients from Miagao and nearby towns now avail of the out-patient services (consultation),
x-ray, laboratory services and the dental services.
        However, the focus HSU is 24-hours/per day seven days a week services to students, faculty, and staff, and their dependents.  Proposal is in place to service the UPV retirees too.
        An ambulance service is available to transport patients to hospitals if needed.
        For UPV students and personnel starter doses are given during consultation.