UPV GPO | Frequently Asked Questions

Classification of Graduate Students

        GRADUATE students are classified as either regular or non-regular.

        REGULAR GRADUATE students are prospective candidates for the master’s or doctoral degree. They may either be part-time or full-time students.

        NON-REGULAR GRADUATE students are (1) non-degree students, with credits; (2) crossregistrants, with credits; or (3) special students, without credit.

Non-Degree Students

        A degree holder who is not currently enrolled in any other institution of higher learning may be allowed to take credit courses on the graduate level provided that this student satisfies the appropriate requirements for admission to the University. He shall not be allowed to enroll for more than one semester, except by special permission of the Dean of the college concerned and the Registrar. Since he does not follow any organized program of study, a non-degree student is not a prospective candidate for graduation for any degree in the University.

Cross Registrants


        Cross-registrants are students of other UP units or other institutions who enroll in a college/school of UP Visayas with credits.

Special Students


A mature student, even if he does not fully satisfy the entrance requirements, may be admitted as a special student and may enroll for such subjects which, in the opinion of the instructor and the Dean, has the necessary information and ability to pursue profitably. He shall not be allowed to enroll for more than 9 units a semester or to register for more than two years, except by special permission of the Dean.  Subjects taken shall be non-credit although his work may be reported at the end of each semester as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”.

Policy on academic load and cross registration of graduate students

        A graduate student on full-time study should take 9-12 units a semester/trimester as prescribed in the study plan of his/her degree program. Unless specified in his/her particular program, a student who takes less than 9 units in an academic term is considered a part-time student.  Under meritorious circumstances, the student may be allowed more than the prescribed academic load by the college/school Dean.

        In case a graduate student wishes to cross-register within the University, he needs to secure a written permission from the Dean of the college/school where s/he is primarily enrolled (UP Form 5-B).  The total number of credit units in which a student may register in two or more colleges/schools shall not exceed twelve (12) units per term.

        On the other hand, UPV may admit a graduate student who is registered in any other institution with which the UP System has an existing agreement with as a nondegree student. A written permit from the Dean or Registrar of his/her home university that states the courses to be taken is required. The total number of units taken as a non-degree student shall not exceed nine (9).

        A UPV graduate student may cross-register at another institution upon the recommendation of his/her Dean and the approval of the VCAA. The written authorization shall specify the courses to be taken.  Subjects taken outside UP are subject to validation.