News | Dont let go of your dreams says Romulo

Published on 3 July 2015

Dont let go of your dreams says Romulo

Dont let go of your dreams says Hon. Roman T. Romulo to Class 2015 of UP Visayas during its 36th Commencement Exercises held in the main campus of Miagao on June 26, 2015.

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Lyncen M. Fernandez

Posted: 2015-07-03

Grabbed from the UPV Website

“Don’t let go of your dreams” says Hon. Roman T. Romulo to Class 2015 of UP Visayas during its 36th Commencement Exercises held in the main campus of Miagao on June 26, 2015.

Romulo stressed the importance of having a dream and that in the process of pursuing it, one often encounters hardships, difficulties and failures.

“Not all days are good days, there are times that we cannot attain our dreams but what is important is that we never let them go,” he emphasized.

To drive home the point, he used his own personal experience at having failed to get elected during his first attempt to run as Representative in the lone district of Pasig City.

“I was told to forget about politics. I was told that I was a neophyte and being such, I would not be able to recover from such defeat,” he recounted.

Instead of retreating in defeat, Romulo said he thought he needed to work harder in order to win the constituency in Pasig. And worked hard he did.

“I believed and trusted in myself and the people of Pasig,” he added.

Romulo told the graduates that they too need to believe in themselves. More importantly, he said that one must learn to endure and keep enduring through the difficult times.

The Chairperson of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education in the House of Representatives has been thrice re-elected as the Representative of the Lone District of Pasig City and is currently serving his third term.

UPV Chancellor Rommel Espinosa, who introduced him, said that he is a man whose contribution to the field of education has truly been significant. He has sponsored and authored many laws and house bills that addressed various issues and concerns of teachers, students and educational institutions in the country.

As Chairperson of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education, the measures that are attributed to him included Republic Act 10650 (An Act Expanding Access to Educational Services By Institutionalizing Open learning and Distance Education in Higher And Technical Education Appropriating Funds Therefore And For Other Purposes); RA 10647 (An Act Strengthening The Ladderized Interface Between Technical-Vocational Education And Training And Higher Education); and RA 10648 (An Act Providing Scholarship Grants To Top Graduates Of All Public High Schools Enrolling For Their First Year In State Universities And Colleges And Appropriating Funds Thereof).

The UP alumnus (BS Economics and Bachelor of Laws) is a hardworking lawmaker, having authored 56 House Bills and co-authored 33 more House Bills. The main concerns of some of these house measures are on providing discounts on basic and educational services for underprivileged students as well as a comprehensive and unified financial assistance system for students. The other bills are for the promotion of safety and security of students from internal and external threats and on ensuring quality in education institutions through a quality assurance system. He is also pushing for prohibiting the “no permit, no exam policy,” and the granting of free college entrance examinations for underprivileged students applying for admissions to both public and private higher education institutions as well as free college education in information and communications technology in state colleges and universities.

Given his contribution to improve the educational system in the country and his concern for the education of the country’s youth, UPV could have not chosen a more fitting commencement speaker. (With sources from Dr. Liah C. Catedrilla)