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The UPV Logo



After 31 years of existence, UPV finally came up with its own unique icon which symbolizes its identity.  This is the UPV logo.


The logo was designed to create immediate recognition of UPV as a constituent university (CU) of the UP System with a mandate as the National Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. From 27 designs, the Committee on the UPV Logo presented the chosen design during the opening ceremony of the 63rd Anniversary Celebration of UP Presence in Iloilo City on July 21, 2010. It was approved by the BOR during its 1260th meeting on September 24, 2010.


In the design of the UPV logo, the following elements are shown within a circle:


        1. The Oblation which visually expresses UPV as a constituent unit of the UP System

 2. The three fishes visually express

• UPV’s mandate as the fisheries and aquatic sciences center

• UPV ‘s three campuses in Miagao, Iloilo City ,and Tacloban

• UPV’s tripartite function of instruction, research, and extension

 3. The whole name of UPV and the year it was founded


The three fishes in V position are behind the Oblation to show that UPV strongly supports UP System that leads the way.  It also stands for the three campuses working together for a common goal. The fishes jumping out of the water connote action and dynamism. The Oblation and the fishes face the East to signify hope, brightness, and confidence in the years to come.


In the making of the logo, specifications set in the UP Brandbook 2007 for color specification and usage were followed.  These are in terms of the three UP colors used, which are UP maroon, UP forest green and UP golden yellow; the form and rendition of the Oblation; and the use of the Times New Roman font.


(Source: Committee on the UPV Logo)


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