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uge environmental and social costs from the biggest oil spill in the country's history are now felt following the tragic sinking off southern Guimaras of the tanker Solar I contracted by Petron to transport 2 million liters of bunker fuel to Mindanao. This human-induced event continues to threaten coastal communities and ecosystems in Guimaras as well as in nearby towns of Iloilo and Negros Occidental. This has become the biggest oil spill disaster in the Philippines, surpassing the December 2005 event off Semirara on the other side of neighboring Panay island.

Source: UP in the Visayas: "Proposal for the Assessment of Environmental and Social Effects of the Solar 1 Oil Spill in Southern Guimaras, Philippines"

Goals and Objectives


  • Restored and improved marine environment and coastal communities in areas affected by the Solar 1 oil spill


  • To establish the scientific information required for rehabilitation, restoration and continuous monitoring of damaged environments and organisms
  • To determine impacts on people and recommend measures for improving livelihood and living conditions of communities affected
  • To improve preparedness, protocols, management and capabilities for oil spill disaster response and mitigation


   Week 1: August 14-20

  • Initial Site Inspection
  • Re-activated Semirara Team
  • Allocated budget for Extension to Guimaras Province
  • Received letter from Governor Nava requesting assistance for Guimaras province
  • Presented before UP Presidential Advisory Committee; PCAMRD Governing Council (DOST Sec. Alabastro, Chair)
  • Started Cleanup with ROTC cadets
  • Initial Assessment at Taklong started

   Week 2: August 21-27

  • Re-formed team into Guimaras Committee with additional members
  • Proposal Generation
  • Call from Department of Science and Technology to be the Scientific Partner for Guimaras Oil Spill (now starting to be called Solar 1 Oil Spill)

   Week 3: August 28-Sept 3

  • UPV Project Planning
  • Assisted Provincial Assessment Committee
  • Aug 28 - Presented Initial Assessment to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at Inampulugan; approval for rapid assessment research and 10 year research and monitoring program
  • UPV Designated as Lead Academic Institution for the Science Based Response to the Oil Spill
  • Aerial survey, ground truthing, initial fisheries surveys undertaken

   Week 4: September 4-10

  • Sept 5 - Discussion with DOST, DENR, BFAR, SEAFDEC for immediate and long term scientific plan - DOST to Present
  • Sept 6 - 2nd meeting with President Arroyo at Alobihod
  • Sept 7 - Biosafety Committee Meeting (DENR, DOST UPV)
  • Met with Governor Nava to integrate efforts with Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council

   Week 5: September 11-17

  • Sept 11 - Senate Hearing/Kagoshima University Field Trip
  • Sept 15 - Bio-Physical Scientists Workshop

   Week 6: September 18-24

  • Sept 18 - University Colloqium - Medium and Long Term Proposals
  • Sept 18 - Money arrived from UP System
  • Sept 22 - Seminar by Katherine Stanzel of ITOPF

Oil Spill Incidents from Across the World:
Check out other oil spill incidents to serve as reference for understanding scientific evaluation of environmental recovery in the oil spill affected area
Source: International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd. (ITOPF)

Click here to view map
August 21, 2006; 2nd GIS map of area showing possible extent of spill, northerly flow of slick, new areas under threat and confirmed contaminated areas.
Source: WWF-Philippines
List of links to composite and satellite maps by WWF

Click here to view video
The UPV team took a video around the whole Guimaras Islands. Check out the look of the oil spill damage from top view.
Source: Guimaras files of CGDA

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